WILTON — A homeowner fined $9,500 for not cleaning up his yard has started to remove some of the scrap and motor vehicles, and may stave off town officials from seizing and pitching the material.

Wilton selectmen Tuesday sent a letter to Duane Pollis, of Adams Street, letting him know they are pleased with his progress and encouraged him to continue removing the scrap and construction material still left on the lawn.

Last month, the board of selectmen had authorized Town Manager Rhonda Irish to look into contractors to clean up the property. Pollis had missed a court ordered deadline to rid his yard of debris and unregistered motor vehicles.

Since the vote, however, Pollis has taken what the town sees as the first steps to remove some of the material.

Irish said he has removed some of the larger items, such as motor vehicles and an old boat, so in light of that progress, she has not yet called a contractor.

“But there is still some junk on the front lawn,” she said.

Selectman Chairman Scott Taylor said he would like to give Pollis an opportunity to cooperate with the court order and town ordinances.

“I’d like to give him a chance,” he said.

Taylor said he would agree with sending a letter “in a very positive fashion,” encouraging Pollis to keep up the removal process.

Pollis was the first person found guilty in Franklin County Superior Court of violating a minimum property maintenance ordinance approved in 2013 that calls for a fine of at least $100 per day for violations.

Pollis was found this spring to have been in violation of the law since October, and was also found in violation of a state statute for having an illegal junkyard.

He was given until June to clean the property or the town could enter his property and dispose of the material how they saw fit and bill him for the process.

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