I recently moved to Readfield from a small township 20 minutes west of Pittsburgh. I am 64 and supply my own health care.

When the Affordable Care Act became available, I priced my then-current health care with a policy through the health care law. I paid about $330 per month with my then-current policy, and the Affordable Care Act came in about the same.

So you can imagine my shock when I moved to Maine and started getting quotes of closer to $800 per month. I started to investigate why the huge difference and discovered it is Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of the Maine Medicaid expansion bill.

How can the people of Maine support a governor who has so little regard for the people in his state? How does he justify making people pay so much more for their health care than people in other states? LePage says Maine can’t afford the expansion even though the federal government has promised to reimburse the cost 100 percent for at least the first three years and then at rates of about 90 percent.

To this, LePage says he does not trust the federal government. No, he would rather put a huge burden on all the uninsured people of Maine. If this is how he justifies his veto, then it is time for him to go. He is hurting Maine, not helping Maine. I, for one, will put every effort available to me to see that he does not get re-elected.

Christine Sammons


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