This is in response to Don Roberts column on July 10, “What a wonderful world this could be.”

What kind of world of understanding could it be when Roberts seems not to understand that many nonbelievers live in Americans and all around the world. Roberts intentionally disregards the existence, intelligence and dignity of all those who don’t believe his misrepresenting religion.

Of course, he fills his column with compelling humanism and emotionalism, but that’s not the only thing he’s about. He makes a dangerous suggestion that law should be based only on democracy, knowing full well that it is used as a device of mob-rule by religious fanatics against the civil rights of minorities and the individual. Not just in America whenever they can get away with this crime against freedom and the vulnerable, but also by fanatics in the Middle East, where his brand of religion was invented.

Another dangerous misunderstanding is his version of a world where “religion and beliefs” would not be infringed upon. However, these ancient manias are so full of victimization and dishonorable despoticism it is absolutely necessary to “infringe” upon such criminality to protect freedom and persons.

Roberts would never end extremism because he is an extremist, and it is the only thing he will ever cause in this world, and maybe some charity to go along with it, so long as the vulnerable poor surrender their right of religious freedom in order to get it.

Terry E. Libby


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