This week, I’m bringing a new-to-me duo to your attention: Hymn for Her — made up of LucyTight: and Wayne Waxing. These two multi-instrumentalists have carved a niche for themselves by playing backwoods country blues with a goodly dose of desert rock psychedelia and a tad of punk thrown in for good measure. This combination may sound a bit bizarre but when you check out their videos, it just works very, very well! They have three CDs out at the moment: “Year of the Golden Pig,” “Hymn for Her presents … Lucy and Wayne and the Amairican Stream” and “Hymn for Her presents … Lucy and Wayne’s Smokin’ Flames” — and they are out touring even as we speak heading to Maine for four shows in early August, including one at Mainely Brews in Waterville Saturday, Aug. 9, and to that end a phoner was arranged with Ms.Tight: when they were in Portland, OR recently to learn a little more.

Q: I understand you have a couple of days off?

Tight: Yup, we have a few days to do some laundry and organize and get ready for traveling to Utah.

Q: Are you guys on the road a lot?

Tight: We are, yeah.

Q: Have you ever played up in Maine before?

Tight: Yeah, we have. We’ve played up in Maine quite a few times.

Q: At Mainely Brews?

Tight: We’ve never played there. We’ve played down in Portland and at the Lobster Fest. We’ve played a couple of different places there like Billy’s Tavern in Thomaston and the Opera House in Stonington.

Q: Do you find the crowds in Maine receptive?

Tight: Very receptive, yeah!

Q: It seems there are a lot of duo acts out and around now, like Mates of State and North of Nashville, just to mention a few. Is it because technology is more prevalent now, allowing two to sound like more?

Tight: I think it’s just easier for two people to be in a band together. The less amount of people the easier it is: less personality (problems), less having to work with other people’s schedules. It’s easy to maneuver and travel and get around with two people. You can fit in a small car instead of maybe having to take larger vans. I think there are lots of reasons why duos are so much easier.

Q: You have three CDs out right now, was the latest one released this year?

Tight: No, it was last year.

Q: Oh, so are you working on something new, album-wise?

Tight: We have a lot of new songs and we’re trying to figure out where we want to record them. We have enough now for out next album … and then some!

Q: Have you ever recorded a live album?

Tight: Our last record — “Smokin’ Flames” — was live. It wasn’t at one show but it was recorded all live in the studio: vocals and everything. It was recorded and mixed in one week. Oh, and what we sound like recorded is what we sound like live.

Q: I would like to find out a little more about your time in Maine, seeing you two have played up here before.

Tight: We have a house in Maine.

Q: You do?! Where?

Tight: Deer Isle … we have a cabin there. Wayne’s parents bought some land there a long time ago … him and I and a bunch of other people helped build this log cabin on it, and we go up there every summer. We’ve been going up to Maine for years — we love Maine and always try to come in August, that’s my favorite time of year up there. We’d love to spend more time in Maine but we’re mostly just traveling … and there’s really no place like Maine. We call it our ‘heart home’ — we even wrote a some about Maine for our last album called “Landescape”.

Q: Well finding out this connection you have to our State is really neat, to say the least. Is there anything you’d like to pass on to the readers of this article?

Tight: Just tell them to check out our music videos and come on down, have a beer and a great time! (

Lucky Clark has spent 45 years writing about good music and the people who make it. He can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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