I very much enjoyed the beginning of the series “Unsettled.”

I’m 50, so I don’t directly remember what happened to the blacks, or others, and I certainly never knew about the Indians.

That was great historical reporting, leading up to the land claims decision. We all need to know such things to understand our civil rights, and where we as a country came from.

After that, however, the story seems to take a people infantilized in the beginning and re-infantilizes them. An example of my point, is they were abused by the state, got recognition, got money. Then, they wasted money, abused themselves, suffered corruption, threats.

This may all be true (I don’t disbelieve it), but I feel the series went beyond what we needed to know. Instead of understanding what Maine Indians went through, your series left it with they cheated themselves in the end.

I don’t believe we all needed to know this. As a matter of history, it’s important, but why tarnish Maine’s Indian Nations by writing every blessed thing?

I do encourage the newspaper to write more series, though. I enjoyed and looked forward to it every day, even though I’m white and do not know any Maine Indians.

Bruce W. Keezer


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