In the 1960s, our minister returned from the Holy Land and gave a sermon titled, “There will be no peace in the Holy Land as long as Palestinians throw rocks at American tanks.”

Imagine an international organization decided Maine really belonged to the Mongolians, placed our entire population into the city limits of Caribou, and gave all the rest of the state and its resources to the Mongolians. Would you fight? How many years? Now imagine Caribou is leveled to ashes with no water, sewer, lights, etc.

Americans paid $3.1 billion to the Israelis last year. President Barack Obama asked for $3.1 billion to help 60,0000 refugee children from Central America, who some people are calling illegal immigrants.

All predictions indicate a large increase in regional conflicts and mass migrations as global resources shrink, population increases and God takes his wrath in the form of climate change.

We need a new sense of reasoned responsibility of all citizens. As a Democracy, we are all culpable as individuals; as a Republic we exonerate ourselves from our government’s actions.

Like as happened with Native Americans, genocide and removal of subsistence necessities of life finally will end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Bruce Clark, Clinton

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