I would like to respond to a recently published letter on these pages (“All militaries are enemies of all human beings,” July 26).

I believe the author dishonors all those of my father’s generation who saved the world from Nazis, fascists and communists, as well as my and subsequent generations who have chosen to answer our nation’s call in the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

The writer seems to need a lesson as to why his freedom to enunciate his complete disdain for those who have risked their lives in service to this country in times of peril is even possible. “Perhaps it’s time we recognized the military — all militaries — for what they really are: enemies of all human beings” he states.

I am sure these are welcome words to the Islamic terrorists determined to establish sharia law throughout the world, terrorists whose task would be much easier without armed resistance.

I have to ask myself what would move a man to abandon all desire to defend the helpless, his loved ones and himself? Our military is all that stands between us and the savages of the world that would take our lives in an instant.

Jerry Bono


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