Neither Paul LePage nor Mike Michaud want to have to stand up for their records in front of Maine voters. The reality is neither has a plan to get Maine out of the hole that the Republicans and Democrats have created.

Augusta has become as embarrassing and dysfunctional as Washington, D.C. Michaud and LePage will vote whichever way their special interest PACs tell them, leaving us Maine people out.

Eliot Cutler has a proven track record of successful leadership in both government and private business. Cutler has a plan for our future. Without the special interests controlling his voice, Cutler will put Maine’s interests first. He is accepting not one dime from the special interest PACs that are lining the campaign coffers of LePage and Michaud and buying their votes and principles.

Maine deserves better. I urge others to vote for Cutler for governor.

Cheryl Mercer


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