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Vassalboro Community School — morning bus routes

Bus #1 — Ellie Lessard

Riverside Drive 7:20 (Holman Day Rd to Cushnoc)

Cushnoc Road 7:23

Riverside Drive (Cushnoc Rd to turn around at Hersey Ice Cream)

Hunt Road 7:35

Riverside Drive

Riverside Dr/Webber Pond 7:40

Holman Day Road 7:45

Riverside Drive 7:50

Riverside Dr/Old Quarry Rd

Vassalboro School 8:00

Bus #2 — New Driver

Route 32 — Main Street 7:25

(Town Line to Priest Hill)

Corner of Horseshoe Circle 7:25

Preble Hill Road 7:26

Priest Hill Road 7:27

Route 32 — Main Street

(Priest Hill to Gray Rd)

Gray Road 7:35

Evans Road

Katie Lane 7:40

Gray Road 7:43

Route 32 — Main Street

(Gray Rd to Bog Rd) 7:45

Corner of Oxford 7:46

Corner of Bradstreet 7:46

Corner of Sawmill Road 7:47

Bog Road 7:48

Bradley Lane 7:50

Quaker Lane 7:53

(Quaker Ln to Taber Hill)

Vassalboro School 8:00

Bus #5 — Bev Smith

Route 32 — Main Street 7:20

Lumbar Dam Rd

Corner of Cindy Lane

Maple Street

Lang Street 7:25

Priest Hill Road

Fortin Rd 7:30

Priest Hill Rd

Carll Road 7:35

Stanley Hill Road

Maple Ridge Rd

Stanley Hill Road 7:45

Bog Road

Vassalboro School 8:00

Bus #6 — David Dutton

Route 32 — Main Street 7:20

(Bog Rd to China Line)

Nelson Road 7:25

Corner of Pit Road

White House Road 7:30

Nelson Road

Seaward Road 7:35

Cross Hill Road

Crowell Hill Road 7:45

Partridge Hollow

Cross Hill Road

Vassalboro School 8:00

Bus #7 — Steve Field

Riva Ridge 7:20

Riverside Drive 7:30

Sherwood Drive

Riverside Drive

Burleigh Road 7:33

Dunham Road 7:35

Alpine Road 7:37

Getchell Corner Road

Riverside Drive 7:40

Dunham Road 7:43

Bog Road 7:51

Vassalboro School 8:00

Bus #8 — New Driver AM

Oak Grove Road 7:15

Gray Road 7:20

Cemetery Street 7:25

Canal Street 7:27

Willow Street 7:35

Oak Grove Road 7:40

Taber Hill Road 7:45—7:50

Vassalboro School 8:00 AM

Bus #8 — PM

At Waterville High School 2:10

Leave High School 2:20

Take 201 toward Vassalboro

Left on Oak Grove Rd 2:30

Oak Grove/Taber Hill

Taber Hill/Gray Rd

Taber Hill/Hussey Hill 2:35

Taber Hill/Bog Rd 2:38

Turn right on Bog Rd

Left on Webber Pond Rd

To VCS 2:40 PM

Bus #9 — David Jacques

Church Hill Road 7:10

Hannaford Hill Road 7:15

South Cross Hill 7:19

Cross Hill 7:25

Crowell Hill Road 7:30

Quaker Hill Road 7:33

Bog Road 7:39

Hussey Hill Road 7:43

Taber Hill Road

(Gray Rd to Bog Rd)

Vassalboro School 8:00

Bus #11 — Eric Green AM

Legion Park Road 7:20

Corner of Park Lane

Route 3 — North Belfast Ave 7:25

Corner of Richards Road

Mudget Hill Road 7:30

Stone Road

Hannaford Hill Road 7:45

Corner of Wolf Road

Corner of Tardiff Road

Webber Pond Road 7:50

Town Farm Road 7:55

Webber Pond Road

Vassalboro School 8:00

Bus #11 — Eric Green PM

At Winslow High School 2:00

Leave Winslow High School 2:10

Take Rt 32 to Vassalboro

Main St/Oak Grove 2:22

899 Main/Ferris Store 2:23

739 Main St 2:25

750 Main St

816 Main St

Main St./Gray 2:27

Main St/Brand St Rd 2:28

Main St/Bog Rd 2:30

Right on Bog Rd

Bog Rd/Taber Hill 2:34

Left on Webber Pond

At VCS 2:37

Vassalboro High School Runs — morning

Bus #2 — New Driver

Riva Ridge 5:40

Riverside Drive 5:45

(Town line to Oak Grove Apartments)

Turn around at Post Office on Alpine St.

Oak Grove Road

(Riverside Dr to Cemetery St)

Corner of Cook Mtn Road

Corner of Willow Street 6:00

Cemetery Street 6:03

Gray Road

Corner of Evans Road 6:07

Taber Hill Road 6:10

(Gray Rd to Bog Rd)

Corner of Cain Road 6:11

Cross Hill Road 6:12

(Bog Rd to Crowell Hill Rd)

Crowell Hill Road 6:13

(Crowell Hill Rd to Nelson Rd)

Partridge Hollow 6:15

(Crowell Rd to Nelson Rd to Bog Rd)

Bog Road 6:20

(Bog Rd to Hussey Hill Rd)

Hussey Hill Road 6:22

(Hussey Hill Rd to Taber Hill Rd)

Taber Hill Road 6:24

(Taber Hill Rd to Bog Rd)

Bog Road 6:28

(Bog Rd to Webber Pond Rd)

Vassalboro School 6:30

Bog Road

(Webber Pond Rd to Rt 32)

Route 32 — Main Street

Corner of Stanley Hill Road 6:40

Corner of Bradstreet Road 6:41

Corner of Gray Road 6:42

Corner of Oak Grove Road 6:45

Route 32 — Main Street

(Oak Grove Rd to Town line)

Corner of Brookside Trailer

Park 6:46

J&S 7:00

Waterville High School 7:10

Bus #5 — Bev Smith

Route 32 — Main Street 6:00

Nelson Road

Corner of Pit

Corner of Whitehouse Road 6:15

Route 3 — North Belfast Ave

Corner of Legion Park 6:22

Stone Road 6:30

Corner of Cross Hill Road

Corner of Decker Road

Webber Pond Road 6:35

Vassalboro School 6:40

Webber Pond Road

Hannaford Hill 7:10

Corner of Tardiff Road

Corner of Wolf

Erskine Academy 7:15

Bus #6 — David Dutton

Route 32 — Main Street 6:10

(Fire Station)

Corner of Court Street

Corner of Oak Grove Road

Priest Hill Road

Priest Hill Road 6:20

Brann Road

Stanley Hill Road

Bog Road 6:30

Vassalboro School 6:35

Cross Hill Road

Seaward Road

Pit Road

Nelson Road

Erskine Academy 7:00

Bus #7 — Steve Field

Webber Pond Road 5:50

Riverside Drive 6:05

Corner of Hunt Road 6:10

Cushnoc Road 6:15

Corner of Mill Hill 6:17

Riverside Drive 6:19

Holman Day Road 6:20

Riverside Drive 6:30

Alpine Road 6:32

Getchell Corner

Bog Road 6:40

Vassalboro School 6:42

Bog Road 6:45

Riverside Drive

J&S Oil, Winslow 6:55

Winslow High School 7:05

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