AUGUSTA — The University of Maine Augusta has announced its spring 2014 full-time dean’s list. Area residents include Jaimee Anderson, Christian Boright, Jennifer Brown, David Burden, Brian Burns, Joshua Carrier, Arielle Cousens, Michelle Cueto, Hank Diplock, Kelly Doyle, Tyler Emerson, Sarah Fortin, Robert Foss, Teagan Garbacik, Holly Hamilton, Corey Harris, Courtney Jicks, Jay Joslyn, Erika King, Stephen Kramer, Autumn Lagasse, Anthony Lopatosky, Ralph Lyden, Megan Mawhinney, Kathy Morin, John Nesbit, Justin Onofrio, Logan Parker, Todd Parker, Philippe Patenaude, Tristan Power, Matthew Raymond, Brandon Rogers, Ryan Roy, Miranda Seger, Bryant Sirois, Matthew Swift, Kristina Wilbur, and Jared Wilkinson, all of Augusta; Michael Hanson, Patrick Hunt, Janet Morang, and Jacob Roddy, all of Belgrade; Lauren Pelletier of Belgrade Lakes; Ruth Henderson and Jennifer Voter, both Chelsea; Emily Smithson of China; Jennifer Delano of Damariscotta; Angela Musto of Dresden; Jacob Allen, Margaret Cousins, Jonathon Markham, Alison St.Pierre, Lisa Steeves, and Brittney Veilleux, all of Farmingdale; Candis Howard, Deborah Klajbor, Mariah Moore, Bonnie Smith, Denise Terrell, Frank Tutwiler, Christina Williams, all of Gardiner; Nathanial Chadwick, Rebecca Cromwell, Danielle Fullmer, Scott Gress, Lucas Mosher, and Roxanne Zwaga, all of Hallowell; Andrea James, Barbara Kirchdorfer, Matthew Knight, and Abigail Peabody, all of Jefferson; Ryan Castonguay of Kents Hill; Tobias Knausenberger of Litchfield; Brynna Bedard, Mariah Maheux, and Taylor McFarland, all of Manchester; Keith Bragg, Tamara Frost, and Stephanie Knaus-Tucker, all of Monmouth; Kelsey Gray and Melissa Tobin, both of Mount Vernon; Jennifer Lola of North Monmouth; Louis Carey of North Vassalboro; Aaron Bagley, Shaenen Gilpatrick, and Julie Kern, all of Oakland; Dawn Fowler and Chelsea Roberts, both of Palermo; Bethani Castania and Rodney Hembree, both of Pittston; Benjamin Godfrey and James Gorham, both of Randolph; Lisa Struck of Readfield; Donovan Chapman, Duncan Chesley, Daniel Ouellette, Jamie Plummer, and Tonya Thurlow, all of Richmond; Tammy Lyons of Rome; Robert Wilcox of Sabattus; Michael Archer, Tobby Bragdon, Kristen Cormier, Casey Milligan, and Rebecca Winter, all of Sidney; Baileigh Gosselin, Jeanne Hanson, Michael Hollander, Catherine Morse, and Sydney Watson, all of South China; Paul Arbour of South Gardiner; Steven Whittemore of Vassalboro; Nicole Hallett, Charlotte MacDonald, Emily MacDonald, Kory Peckham, and Todd Stevens, all of West Gardiner; Courtney Alexander, Jacqueline Cartlidge, Sarah Garthoff, Christine McCormick, Susan McCrimmon, Brittany Shorey, all of Whitefield; Andrea Avery, Kyla Hershey-Wilson, and Elizabeth Knight, all of Windsor; Christopher Balcer, Victoria Chamberlain, Clinton Pettengill, Tara Stevens, Zachary Stevens, Mary Swearingen, Cecile Thomas, and Sara Vogel, all of Winthrop.

AUGUSTA — The University of Maine Augusta has announced its spring 2014 part-time students dean’s list.

Area residents include Lynette Barton, Brian Beavis, Samuel Boynton, Sarah Brunelle, Ryan Burk, Tia Cardillo, Noella Clements, Alyssa Cloutier, Julia Ellis, Gretchen Fehlau, Kathleen Felch, Amanda Field, Amanda Frost, Jeremy Gervais, Jazmine Guilmette, Danielle Guimond, Jennifer Laliberte, Mary Libby, Jeremiah Lindelof, Roger Mackbach, Renee Madore, Diane Morin, Samantha Nowlin, Rita Pare-Peters, Michael Pattershall, Michelle Patterson, Linda Randall, Sarah Roberts, Jessica Rowe, Jaime Spadea, Denae Spencer, Michael Squires, Jeffrey Tyler, Mary Varney, Melissa Walden, David Weiss, and Lesley Woodard, all of Augusta; Courtney Alley, Richard Cormier, Tammy Holman, and Stephanie Kadnar, all of Belgrade; David Allen and Holly Patton, both of Chelsea; Bethany Fisher and Katie Hutchings, both of China; Crystal Beaulieu, Jessica Blake, Darcy Casey, Krystal-Lee Chang, Ann Cookson, Roger Cookson, Tracy Jackson, Abraham Mackenzie, and Katrina Williams, all of Farmingdale; Jessica Betit, Frank Crawford, Michael Drashcovich, Kristin Martin, Kevin Mcgrory, Evan Palmer, Jessica Pilkington, Leah Russell, Scott Smith, Thomas Towle, Jennie Williams, and Andree Wright, all of Gardiner; Scott Armington of Hallowell; Janice Spencer of Litchfield; Heidi Olson of Manchester; Darren Hicks and Diana Timberlake, both of Monmouth; David Faulhaber and Jackqulyn Galbreath, both of Mount Vernon; Matthew Waterman and Ginnie Davin,. both of North Monmouth; Tanya Allen, Cheyenne Godding, Veronica Hopkins, Jessica Needham, Stephanie Rewa, and Michelle White, all of Oakland; Cynthia Gagne and Tori MacDougall, both of Pittston; Zachary Abram and Michael Martin, both of Randolph; Amy Bley, David Giroux, Kallie Glover, all of Readfield; Thomas Carrothers and Crystal French, both of Rome; Michelle Fontaine, Sarah Gardella, Viola Marshall, Christina Smith, Angela Thrasher, all of Sidney; Melissa Damren of South China; Nicole Hart and Patricia Ranks, both of South Gardiner; Sara Brown, Hannibal Kane, Kasey Markham, Kailah Reed, Amy Wilson, all of Vassalboro; Alison Lincoln-Rich of Wayne; Leanne Buttery and Cheryl Quirrion, both of West Gardiner; Kayla Bates, Carolyn Clark, Cara Madore, Brie-Anne Mellor, all of Windsor; Stephen Currie, Jacqueline Gosselin, Julie Moore, and William Rogers, all of Winthrop.

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