It’s no wonder that our state government is so financially strapped — it’s woefully mismanaged, at least in the arena of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Two headlines in Friday’s newspaper, “State must pay back Riverview funding” and “LePage writes off Alexander loss” are costing millions of dollars the state desperately needs for education, revenue sharing, highways, drug addiction management, bolstering the nursing homes for our aging population, to name a few.

Riverview has been failing to pass inspections for at least two years. The contract to the Alexander Group was simply an effort on Gov. Paul LePage’s part to bolster his position to not expand Medicare and look what that got us — no proof of that premise AND a plagiarized report.

The state could at least try to recoup the money there — there’s no chance of that with the Riverview situation. I’m not sure if DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew is a total incompetent or just a puppet that does LePage’s bidding regardless of the needs of Maine citizens for adequate care in so many areas.

Pat Clark


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