I and many others were saddened to read about the possible closing of St. Mark’s Home for Women (“St. Mark’s Home in Augusta set to close,” Aug. 25).

This landmark has stood as a gracious and safe place for Augusta’s older female residents to live out their later years with dignity and with friends. With lovely surroundings both inside and out, it has been a very pleasant addition to the city.

The current much-needed expanding of services to provide for senior housing in Augusta speaks to the problem that many face as they age. While recognizing that lower residency rates and money issues must be resolved, it seems sad to reduce the problem to dollars and cents when it comes to the human and humane concerns.

Hopefully, some enterprising group will step forward so that this local life-saver will continue. Many in this community cannot afford other alternatives whose charges are way beyond their pocketbooks, yet they would like a home atmosphere in which to live with others. Could MaineGeneral be interested? Would a physician’s group be interested?

No one wants to see this stately building in the center of town left to rack and ruin as so many other sites have been. Let us hope that the Episcopal Diocese of Maine takes note.

Rosalyn Hinckley


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