Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey has been invited to comment on a couple of recent car/bicycle accidents.

He has pointed out that the bicycles involved in these accidents were traveling on the wrong side of the street (against traffic rather than with it as is required by law), and that is a good observation.

Cyclists of all ages certainly need to be instructed about what the law is and reminded about the danger of doing otherwise. Massey, however, is missing a good opportunity to also warn motorists to be extra careful.

Many cyclists and pedestrians either do not know the law or choose to disobey it, such as the many jaywalkers on College Avenue and Main Street.

What that means for us as motorists is to be extra careful and extra courteous. Who wants a dead or injured person on their conscience, regardless of who is at fault?

Finally, I have been observing a decline in common courtesy for a long time both as motorist and pedestrian. People seem to be in such a rush. And so many of us seem to be bullies, acting as if we are the only one on the road with any rights.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to examine ourselves and our driving habits and try to do a little better.

David Doreau


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