Recently Democratic state Sen. Geoffrey Gratwick, D-Bangor, was caught saying that his party’s nominee for governor, Mike Michaud, is “good, he’s strong, but not a brain guy.” In the words of a newspaper article, he “is heard on the recording questioning Michaud’s intelligence.”

Fair enough.

The Republicans got hold of the recording and, cackling with undisguised glee, made it public.

Fair enough.

We’ll refrain from guessing what Gratwick probably said (under his breath, of course) and credit him with a modest “oops” (under his breath, of course).

But the toothpaste was out of the tube, and he had to say something. He broke out that old tried and true: “My remarks were taken out of context.”

Fair enough.

A Democratic state senator says his party’s nominee for the Blaine House is — in his own words — “not a brain guy.” In what context should the remark be taken?

Fair enough?

Terence McManus

New Sharon

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