Instead of being concerned about increasing the minimum wage for people already working, let’s be concerned about the people not working and wanting minimum wage.

It is not the responsibility of the government to take care of the people. That’s for communist governments. It’s about creating enough jobs through capitalism, so there is no need for welfare. That way everyone pays taxes to ensure our government stays solvent.

For a number of people on welfare, a full-time job paying minimum wage is more money than they currently earn. If they were able to obtain two minimum wage jobs at 60-80 hours per week, they would be golden. Who cares if they are working every waking moment? That’s why we have debit cards to pay our bills over the telephone.

Minimum-wage jobs will always be in demand because of their paid training. Don’t know how to cook? Work at a restaurant. Don’t know how to influence people? Get a job as an outbound telemarketing sales representative. Don’t know how to properly maintain a chainsaw? Work for a tree company.

For some people, it’s about working many minimum-wage jobs to learn as much as possible to either save or make money.

An untold number of people on Social Security Disability Insurance are upgrading their skills just to get a job around their disabilities. I don’t know what to say about those on minimum wage saying they want a forced increase.

“Good luck to the city of Portland on its experiment,” is the only thing I can say on that subject. What I do know is, any employer who hires new minimum-wage workers in the Augusta area will find people willing to work for $7.50 per hour.

Douglas Papa


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