I hope Mainers vote yes on the bear referendum to stop the baiting, trapping and hounding of bears. I don’t oppose fair chase hunting, which is often necessary because of overpopulation of both humans and wildlife.

Everyone should be skeptical of information from wildlife officials. Their priorities are to enhance hunting opportunities. They’re government employees, subject to politics, where science may take a back seat to special interest groups.

Opponents claim this referendum will destroy Maine’s hunting industry. Not so. Hunting thrives in virtually every state that doesn’t have these horrible rules.

Hunting is a search for animals in order to kill them. Hunting is horribly lopsided, even without baiting, trapping and hounding, since the animals don’t even know that they are in danger.

I don’t live in Maine, but vacation here often. We love Maine and its people and are very interested in what happens in your beautiful state.

Richard O’Brien

Edison, N.J.

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