Eliot Cutler? Mike Michaud? I’ve never had trouble deciding how to vote. But this year, I’m waiting until Election Day to decide which candidate for governor to vote for.

Don’t get me wrong. I already know which one I want to win, but that’s not as important as replacing current governor. So rather than deciding now, I’m waiting until Election Day. If Michaud is ahead, he’ll get my vote. If Cutler’s ahead, I’ll vote for him.

I like Michaud’s support for the working class. I like Cutler’s support for election reform. What I don’t like is our current governor’s constant attacks on the poor, on working people, on the elderly. He talks about jobs but doesn’t deliver. He helps businesses that hurt the environment. We can’t afford another four years of him.

Candidates often ask their supporters to help them by voting before Election Day.


If you want a new governor, vote absentee only if you really have to. Otherwise, wait until Election Day. See whether Cutler or Michaud is leading in the polls. And for vote for the one who’s ahead.

Charlie Bernstein


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