According to one well-known politician who witnessed the climate change march last Sunday, “The only way we’ll get the change we need on climate change (or any other issue) is if millions of people take to the streets and demand a change.” Well, I’m not taking to the streets, but I am taking up a pen.

Among the many other environmental horrors caused by our abuse, there are three islands of trash (mostly made of plastics) — some the size of Texas — floating in our beautiful ocean. I find this horrifying.

So, here are my demands:

• I demand that all plastic bags be banned in grocery stores and big box stores. (Successfully accomplished in San Francisco, I might add). It’s shocking to sit in the parking lot of local supermarkets and department stores and watch person after person, family after family haul their loot out of the stores in plastic bags — without even thinking about the consequences.

• I demand that the use of cotton/synthetic bags be a law and that at the entrance of all stores, a greeter must welcome shoppers with a smile on her/his face and arms full of beautiful, strong and free bags. Just imagine.

• Although I can’t demand you do this, I hope you’ll join me by demanding this kind of change.

Anna Freeman

West Athens

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