I’m responding to Richard Duffy’s letter of Sept. 8 who says Paul LePage is Maine’s best choice for governor because Democrats are responsible for what’s happening in America and Middle East.

Has he forgotten the Bush/Cheney administration’s invasion of Iraq for oil, tax cuts for wealthiest, gutting federal regulations and corrupting our banking system, causing the Great Recession while creating more billionaires? The administration’s actions were a direct cause of what is happening in the world today.

Tea party Gov. LePage has put us last in New England in job creation, education, income and health, but his misleading ads would have us believe otherwise. Let’s not be fooled this time.

LePage’s corporate experience benefits his corporate world. In state government, you work for all the people with two different bodies of government. When you dictate, then veto legislation 182 times when you don’t have your way, you are not governing.

Gloria Fleming


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