FARMINGTON — Three weeks after a fast-moving virus forced the Franklin County Animal Shelter to temporarily close, visitor Lindsey Carter stood in the shelter lobby filling out a dog adoption application.

The shelter was open to the public once again, and University of Maine at Farmington student Carter and her roommates Kellie Sanborne and Tricia Grover were visiting the shelter, hoping to adopt a retriever mix named Miles.

The trio had been waiting for the chance to adopt the dog through the days when the shelter was closed while work continued to eradicate all signs of the virus.

“We followed their page on Facebook to see when they would be open again,” said Sanborne.

The three roommates and a half-dozen other people visited the shelter Monday afternoon looking for a pet. The shelter was cleared Thursday to open its doors and again allow adoptions.

Canine parvovirus was first detected in three puppies at the shelter on Sept. 3. The shelter was closed while staff members bleached surface areas to contain the virus from spreading.


Nancy Simmons, shelter supervisor, said all the animals were checked by a veterinarian before state officials cleared the shelter to reopen.

On Monday, there were about 30 dogs and 80 to 90 cats at the shelter.

While the shelter was closed, the animals were sent to neighboring shelters, Simmons said.

Parvovirus is passed through fecal matter, and staff said that while they can treat symptoms, there is nothing that can be given to the dogs to prevent the virus.

While the shelter was closed, employees remained on the job and spent their time cleaning.

Six puppies and one adult dog died from the virus at the shelter before it was eradicated.


“It was very stressful on all of us, but we made it,” said Simmons.

The Farmington shelter, on Industry Road, will hold a grand reopening adoption event Thursday and Friday to celebrate with fees waived for the adoption of cats and kittens and fees for dogs and puppies reduced to $50 or less.

The shelter is open from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Kaitlin Schroeder — 861-9252


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