Once again we are faced with an election where we hear what the other person is doing or not doing. When will the egos step aside, and the real people stand up?

We have separated people into parties often categorized into liberals and conservatives, and some people who do not claim either party. Stepping aside from the parties, wasn’t the system designed to represent people? The TV ads are not a true display of what a person represents, but a demonization of an opponent’s character.

I want to know how a candidate is going to represent me on issues. I thought that a person running for office had to agree to run honestly and in good faith. How will we know how people will represent us when they are not at the table?

When are politicians going to represent all the people in an honest and compassionate manner while making hard choices? People who will tell us the truth, even when they believe differently than some of their constituents. Honesty does not mean conforming to every wish but to be able to represent a majority of people.

Another thing that I am distraught about is the bullying-type behavior by adults. Where is the role modeling? A person cannot degrade a person verbally and then condemn someone for using a switch.

Violence of any kind should not be tolerated. Bullying and intimation are actions of violence. Instead of being a bully, a person should admit to their faults, grow from actions and be better next time. Maybe honesty and politics do not belong in the same sentence.

Maybe we need a new generation of younger, less-experienced candidates who are not ingrained in politics. A younger candidate not trained in disrespect and dishonesty who learned to play well with others.

Kim Lane


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