As an independent voter, I vote for the person, not the party. In November, I will vote to re-elect Rep. Larry Dunphy, R-Embden, for another term.

My interest in a particular bill and time spent in Augusta gave me an opportunity to see Dunphy at work during the last two years.

Here’s what I saw: Dunphy doesn’t want a career in politics. He doesn’t work for special interests groups. He doesn’t work for corporate lobbyists. He doesn’t work for a political party. Dunphy works for his constituents, and he does it with a passion that is noted even by his fellow legislators.

Too easily, the voice of regular people can be lost among those of the special interests and lobbyists who fill State House hallways daily. Dunphy works tirelessly to see that doesn’t happen. For outstanding representation, I urge others in House District 118 to vote for Larry Dunphy.

Alan Michka

Lexington Township

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