Three Franklin County men have been indicted on felony sexual assault charges by a county grand jury.

Shawn Burnell, 21, of Jay, was indicted on charges of class C unlawful sexual contact, class C criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and class D criminal restraint.

On July 20, Burnell reportedly cornered a teenage girl behind Front Street, tried to force her to drink alcohol, waved a knife in her face, held her down and attempted to rape her.

The girl reported to police that when she first tried to escape, Burnell caught her and brought her back to a secluded area. The girl told police she got away and eventually escaped to McDonald’s at the intersection of Front and Main streets.

Jonathan Dumont, 29, of Farmington, was indicted on three counts of class A gross sexual assault stemming from a reported rape in Farmington in June.

Police said at the time that Dumont had been to the victim’s residence once before the incident and returned to fix a door when the alleged sexual assault occurred.

Joseph Champagne, 38, of Strong, was indicted on class C gross sexual assault and class C unlawful sexual contact.

Champagne was arrested after Detective Kenneth Charles of the Franklin County Sheriff Department alleged that he sexually assaulted an adult with a mental disability in March.

Charles reported at the time that the woman made disclosures which prompted the investigation. According to court documents, the victim had a mental disability and Champagne “was associated with a program or residence operated, administered licensed or funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.”

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