Well, it’s voting season again. Like a large portion of the population, I once viewed politics as an endless competition between power-hungry giants, and I felt small in the shadow of such colossal self-indulgence. In spite of the constant stream of attack ads, rumors, and scandals, the recent years have marked this month as a time of optimism and promise.

In 2012, I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Sen. Colleen Lachowicz, D-Waterville, during her first campaign for state Senate. She would later win her Senate seat and use it to improve the lives of children, elders and veterans across the state of Maine. Her proven commitment to understanding the problems facing all Mainers and working tirelessly to find solutions makes her a vital part of our government.

On Nov. 4, this former cynic will be voting for Colleen, and I encourage all who read this to do the same.

Zack Crate


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