FAIRFIELD — In the race for a three-year term, Robert Sezak, the current council chairman won with 1,470 votes. He has served as a councilor since 2011 after serving on the Board of Selectmen in Troy in the 1080s and as a trustee of the Kennebec Water District. He said that attracting new businesses, keeping the tax rate low and revitalizing downtown have been priorities

Ernest Canelli III was seeking to make a comeback to the Town Council, having previously served as its vice chairman. Canelli, who was sharply critical of the current council for what he called a practice of taking direction from the town manager, Josh Reny, came in a distant third with 221 votes. Candidate Mark Cooper’s previous service included seats on the town Budget Committee and as a member of the School Administrative Unit 49 board. A 20-year resident of the town, Cooper said a particular goal was to keep young people living in town, rather than moving away. Cooper received 831 votes.

In the race for a two-year term incumbent Harold Murray (347 votes) was defeated by Stephanie Thibodeau (904 votes).

Tracey Stevens, a former town clerk and town councilor, received 670 votes, while Terry Michaud garnered 598 votes.

After four years on the council, Murray, 56, said he wanted to continue his work to maintain the current level of services while also keeping taxes low and pointed the stability of the town tax rate as an accomplishment.

Terry Michaud, 59, has served as an alternative member of the Planning Board and brought a career as a probation officer and athletic administrator to the race and said he would bring creative problem solving to the post. Stephanie Thibodeau, 58, has had a leadership role in the Fairfield Days celebration and served on the town’s comprehensive planning committee. Terry Stevens has served as Town Council chairwoman, Town Clerk and has a background of leadership positions in state and regional clerks associations. She called for increased legislative advocacy as one way to keep taxes down, along with building the tax base and developing a stronger relationship with the schools. Fairfield Charter Commission Gets Thumbs Down.

Voters in Fairfield also were asked if they want to form a charter commission and begin a study of town government that could ultimately yield proposals to change how their town government is structured and how it operates. Fairfield residents said “No,” 1,080-948.

With the exception of a few minor amendments over the years, the Fairfield town charter has not been changed in some three decades. Fairfield’s municipal government includes a town meeting, town council and town manager.

There had been six candidates for election to the commission had the question carried the day.

Uncontested races

School Administrative District 49 board of directors, two open seats for three-year terms:

• Shelley J. Rudnicki

• Sherry Y. Tompkins

School Administrative District 49 board of directors, one open seat for a one-year term

• Andrew R. Carlton

Kennebec Water District, one open seat for a three-year term

• Mark E. McCluskey

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