The Gardiner Fire travel soccer team of 9-year-old boys from the Gardiner and Pittston area recently participated in a Halloween-themed soccer tournament called Soccerween at the Sports Complex dome in Portland. Each of the boys dressed as a classic superhero and wore handmade capes with the Disabled American Veterans emblem to honor veterans. Each cape also had the name of one of the members of Navy Assault Craft Unit Five, to represent and honor those military members. Sterling Paul, of Pittston, coaches the team with his wife, Jen Paul. Jennifer Hembree designed and made the capes. Team members are Aiden Skillman, Patrick Mansir, Josh Jacobson, Camden Lasselle, Alex Hembree, Kole Johnson, Colby Moody, Ty Keene, Casey Paul, Tommy Murphy and Shawn Soucy. The team won an award for best costumes. They also sent a care package to the Navy service members with Halloween candy and pictures of the boys with their capes playing in the tournament.

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