Winthrop — Winthrop High School recently announced it’s first quarter honor roll for the 2014-15 school year in a press release.

Seniors — high honors: Nicholas Schlosser.

Honors: Benjamin Allen, Lilly Beauregard, Dakota Carter, Kevin Chamberland, Judson Cobb, Mitchell DeBlois, Ashleigh Dunham, Hope Dunn, Theresa Easterbrooks, William Grimes, Danielle Hutchinson, Logan Lattin, Nicole MacMillan, Gerasimos Mihalakis, Taylor Morang, Patrick Ouellette, Zackery Phinney, Jacob Rioux, Matthew Sekerak, Christina Smith, Mason Sohns, Gabrielle Stewart and Trisha Wilson.

Juniors — high honors: Alison Berube.

Honors: Benjamin Ames, Olivia Audet, Morgan Beland, Joshua Biondo, Jada Choate, Bryce Claypool, Kennedy Connor, Emma Conrad, Mathias Deming, Jasmine Douglass, Brendon Dunn, Dakotah Knox, Danielle Kotow, Cabot Lancaster, Lydia Lavoie, William Martin, Derek McLaughlin, Tessie Moody, Tyler Nussinow, Anthony Owens, Samantha Phinney, Madelyn Thomas, Jessica Tozer, Dustin Tripp and Kaitlynn Werner.

Sophmores — high honors: Megan Chamberland, Adlin Chaparin, Corinna Coulton, Molly Glaser, Jacob Hickey, Matthew Ingram, Kayleigh Oberg, Andrew Pazdziorko, Mattilda Rice, Shie Smith and Sarah Spahr.

Honors: Andrew Balcer, Bennett Brooks, Alec Brown, Jeffrey Dunn, Caleb Fortin, Katriona Hajduk, Kyle Keezer, Michael Leonard, Zachary Lynch, Brianna McClure, Brogan Plossay, Amber Raymond, Zachary Robertson, Nathan Scott, Spencer Steele, Garrett Tsouprake and Jasper Williams.

Freshman — high honors: Benjamin Boulay, Portia Hardy, Sierra Huff and Vincent Scott.

Honors: Chloe Armillotti, Jada Brooke, Lakin Conner, , Emma Dwelle, Luke Hussey, Cameron MacDonald, Hannah McLaughlin, Madison Moore, Sara Nadeau, Fantasia Perez, Kathryn Ross, Luke St.Hilaire, Nathan St.Pierre, Joseph Tierney and Elissa Werner.

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