As a Hallowell resident, and member of the Hallowell bike-pedestrian committee, I am always happy to hear about people in our community who want to make a positive impact.

Last month, the Hallowell mayor and City Council did just that. They passed a proclamation supporting the Clean Air Act, a landmark law that has been protecting our nation from dangerous air pollution for more than 40 years.

Since the passage of the Clean Air Act, our air pollution levels have decreased decade by decade, protecting us from the health burden of air pollution. Not only is this important to quality of life in general, but, in practical terms, it helps all residents maintain good health.

This is one of the reasons I help advocate for increased pedestrian and bicycle modes of travel: It helps residents recognize the opportunities to enjoy the clean air we’re fortunate to have in this state.

After the contentious elections across the country, I’m proud to see that our elected officials here in Hallowell are willing to unite on an issue that’s important to everyone, but sometime is taken for granted. I hope our leaders in Congress will do the same.

Matt Pettengill


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