This letter is regarding the debate over the right to die. The famous philosopher Nietzsche once wrote: “Some individuals die too young, some die too late, strange sounds the advice Die at the right time.” How to die and when should be a personal inalienable decision, a matter of individual autonomy not mandated by social prejudices, traditional customs, religious doctrine, governmental fiat or prevailing superstitions.

Quite a few societies, enlightened as they are, have acknowledged the indisputable prerogative of the individual to make the ultimate decision regarding one’s exitus from life. The notion of “sanctity of life” as a concept is constantly being violated by warfare, and on a massive scale by a diversity of religious groups who’s hateful antagonism toward each other knows no parallel.

We need to shed the arrogant unwanted interference of outside groups and allow our own free will to prevail.

Howard N. Stewart


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