I spent the past two years in the Legislature working to be of service to the communities of our district, and pledge to continue to do so. It is important to me to keep the focus on job creation, supporting our veterans and making sure the state keeps its financial commitments to our towns.

Voters entrusted both parties with the responsibility to lead, and I interpret that to mean that you want us to work together, listen to each other and stick to basic common sense and problem solving. I am more than happy to do all of those things.

Voters also approved all six bonds on the ballot. This tells me that they want their government to be very careful with their tax dollars, but they also want Maine to make smart, targeted investments.

Legislators are in the process of submitting new bills for when we go back into session in January. I welcome feedback from my constituents about what changes they would like to see at the state level and what new ideas they think Maine ought to adopt.

I want constituents to feel free to contact me with their thoughts and questions, by calling me at 872-7268 or emailing me at [email protected]. People can just walk up and talk to me if they see me around town.

There is a lot of work to do next year, but I know I’ll be able to do the best job possible if I’m hearing from constituents.

Rep. Lori Fowle


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