I want to thank Augusta Mayor David Rollins for recently issuing a proclamation supporting the Clean Air Act.

I am proud to call Augusta home, and proud to see that our newly elected mayor is willing to stand up for a law that is critical to protecting us from the dangers of air pollution. According to the mayor’s proclamation, the Clean Air Act has prevented an estimated 160,000 premature deaths, more than 130,000 heart attacks and more than 1.7 million asthma attacks since 2010 alone.

As an employee of the American Lung Association, I know the value of these numbers. Here in Maine, we are on the receiving end of pollution blown in from other regions of the country. During the summertime, we often see unhealthful levels of ozone pollution affect much of our state.

It is critical that our members in Congress understand the importance of protecting this landmark law, and I am proud that Rollins has declared his support.

Gale Andreotta Auclair


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