The dominant religion in the western world at the moment is progressivism, and whoever rejects the doctrines of progressivism is called a bigot one way or another (racist, sexist, antisemite, troglodyte, throwback).

We might think the term “heretic” is an exaggeration to describe this matter, but think of it this way. In the past, religious leaders in Europe and America thought they had the right to force certain patterns of thought and ways of life on people because they believed only they knew the objective path to salvation.

Nowadays, the progressive movements in our countries think there is such a thing as objective progress, and that provides them with a justification similar to that of religious extremists all around the world: They think they know the path to salvation and others do not, and all of mankind must wander the path to salvation. Those who seek to stop that must be dealt with by any means necessary.



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