My husband and I have been adopting/fostering senior, hospice and special needs dogs for a number of years now in our country home. We currently have seven dogs ranging in age from 12 to 15 years old. We get far more requests for dogs than we can ever take. The need is great.

I started a campaign called “Back Room Dogs” to encourage others to adopt or foster a senior dog. People who have a place in their heart and a room in their home should consider an older shelter dog. Many of these animals never make the front kennel, website or Pet Finders. Many end up in shelters through no fault of their own — a family loses their housing, an elder goes into a nursing home, and life sometimes throws a person a curve ball.

Many shelters will waive adoption fees or provide euthanasia when the time comes. Their main goal is to get the dogs into loving homes.

Kudos to the Humane Society of Waterville for going above and beyond in placing these very special dogs. The staff deeply love and care about them wanting the best possible outcome — a forever home. They work hard and reach out in many ways to ensure this happens. They deserve praise and recognition for their efforts.

So the next time people visit a shelter, they should ask what animals are in the back room, who has been here the longest, or how they can help.

Nancy Lever, Winthrop

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