Paul LePage is not a friend of the working middle class. He claims he wants to improve the employment status in Maine by encouraging businesses to come to this state while he attacks labor unions, which are the backbone of middle-class workers, thus keeping the money and profits mostly in the hands of the rich and powerful.

Some of LePage’s supporters like to say that he is brutally honest. That may be so, but he also can come across as brutally intolerant as he tends to lash out at people or ideas that contradict him.

He is a Republican who is affiliated with a nationwide movement that is threatening to systematically destroy our democracy from within, not without. The biggest threat to the people of the United States is not ISIS nor Ebola. It is the self-centered, right-wing conservative movement that often has no qualms about lying and cheating its way to power. There is no shame or guilt in its agendas. This country is facing the same dangers to its existence that it experienced during the 1860s.

George Roy


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