There has been much public discussion recently about legalizing marijuana for personal enjoyment in Maine. It is very unsettling to me to see marijuana promoted as though it were an innocent and harmless herb.

Just a few weeks ago on TV news, medical doctors warned that marijuana does cause damage to the brain and slows decision-making and reaction-time. When we hear daily about multiple automobile accidents caused by driver inattention, is it wise to push a drug that lessens alertness?

And, from another viewpoint, we may ask, “Why do young people in the prime of life need artificial stimulants or to smoke pot in order to calm their nerves?” Have we no inside reserves of fortitude and courage to face the stresses of life? Shall we become a nation of drug users who cannot function without dependence on drugs?

I hope the people of Maine will think clearly to see the dangers of this so-called harmless drug and say “no” to its legalization.

E. Lewis Bell


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