The silly season has returned with all the trimmings; turkeys, shopping frenzies, greeting cards, lights and gifts. Oh, yes the gifts, the most important part of the silly season for many. Others, though prefer, to “bah humbug” everything, even the greeting of Merry Christmas.

How can such a greeting be so offensive? Just what is meant by Merry Christmas? Even those who do not believe in the existence of my personal God must admit the story of Christmas is the greatest love story ever told.

The Biblical narrative plays out as Jesus Christ came into this world to suffer the cruel death of the Easter Cross. Neither book nor movie has ever told a greater love story than that of the Christ child. Hence, Merry Christmas is merely a greeting of love.

Just what do the naysayers disagree with? As X-mas is acceptable, it must be the “Christ.” According to my Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, Christ is used to denote God’s Person or Holiness. But, if God does not exist, why are the naysayers so threatened by six little letters?

Try as they may, they will never do away with the “Christ” in Christmas since the “Christ” child is and will remain the reason for the season.

Dave Ricker


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