How quickly we forget. In response to “End of Obama’s term cannot come fast enough” (letter, Dec. 2), I would like to remind everyone that in 2008, when our always-smirking George W. Bush left office, the stock market was at 6,000 and everybody was trying to pull their investments.

The major world banks were full of corruption and were about to collapse. I guess deregulation works well? The auto industry was in need of major government loans to keep thousands of our friends in the Midwest working, and we were in a war because we thought someone had chemical weapons that were never confirmed or found. I wonder how the thousands of families that have lost a loved one or had a loved come home with a major disability feel about that?

And all our current president wants is to give people who came to this country illegally and have since become taxpaying productive residents a chance to continue.

This president just wants to provide a chance for affordable health care for people who can’t afford the ever-increasing health insurance premiums that support CEOs making millions, with annual bonuses. They earn more than if we added together all the salaries of everybody within 5 square miles of our current location.

Let us not forget while putting our priorities in place.

Dennis Dacus


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