Don Roberts’ column about Ferguson was a sadly laughable read. It’s men like him that make it important to understand that there are still so many out-of-touch, gray-haired, white men who are under the impression racism doesn’t still exist in this country and clueless to other aspects of police brutality.

Whether the Michael Brown case is a good representation of racism still lurking in America is irrelevant. Roberts discusses only the Michael Brown case and the riots that resulted. How about the 12-year-old boy shot to death in Cleveland? How about Eric Garner being strangled to death for selling cigarettes? How about the peaceful protests? How about, on a larger, non-racial scale, 179 deaths at the hands of the NYPD and only three indictments and one conviction in 15 years?

The whole point is that we need to see some convictions here, regardless of race. Ninety-nine percent of police officers are good people, I know many myself. The 1 percent who isn’t needs to face the consequences.

Furthermore, why we are even listening to someone who writes publicly that racial profiling is “essential” is beyond me, and a perfect illustration that racism still exists. Roberts, the known-Republican who once wrote in the Capital Weekly that he was pulling for the far-right Rick Perry in the 2012 election, was just looking for another pathetic outlet to attack a president who has done an admirable job despite a do-nothing Congress.

We have come a long way in this country from a racial standpoint. However, Roberts’ column only proves there is more progress to be made.

Sam Shain


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