Health care stops at the front door of every doctor’s office and hospital I know. Nothing is done to separate contagious from noncontagious upon entering. A person with a cut foot can sit next to a patient with MRSA or Ebola and never know it until it is too late.

In this day and age there is every reason to scan all entering for high temperature and separate patients as treatment dictates. A $4,000 device that disinfects 100 percent by C Ultraviolet of all common and patient facilities on a regular basis is only used in extreme cases by a limited number of hospitals in limited circumstance.

Health workers should not put up with being subjected to less then the very best protection and patients should not be subject to a whole host of infections unnecessarily.

Hospital business dictates a nonthreatening atmosphere, reality dictates a change is needed. A hospital is a very dangerous place except for those in need.

Being trained in asbestos abatement, I found it very disturbing the protection of the health care workers for Ebola being less required for asbestos and basic protocol of disinfection not being followed. To this day I do not see any decontamination units for garments before removal.

Live and learn.

Being old, my family doctor would treat all contagious illness at home and injury at the office. If we were sick, we stayed home unless our temperature went over 102 degrees or symptoms lasted over 10 days, then the doctor was called.

Bruce Clark


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