Since his arrest (“Ex-Maine State Police chief pleads guilty to sex assault, will serve 4 years,” Nov. 4), Andrew Demers Jr. has been filled with shame? What about since he committed this heinous crime? He had no remorse nor shame until he was arrested?

This not only disgusts me, but it also brings up the question of how many other victims are out there, who, for whatever reasons, have not come forward. Pedophiles very rarely stop at one victim. If this one felt no “shame” until he was arrested, then who is to say that we’ll ever know about other victims, for whom he has yet to feel “shame”?

I do hope that investigators talk with other children who were in similar situations with this pedophile, will continue to question him and others around him. The reality often is “once a pedophile, always a pedophile.”

I, for one, (amongst many, I would not be surprised to hear), am absolutely appalled that the judge handed down such a lenient “slap on the wrist” to such an admission of guilt.

How many years will this child suffer the consequences of this crime? At 60 years old, I can answer from personal experience — a lifetime.

Mary Elisabeth Smith

Winfield, Kan.

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