The newspaper recently printed an article about states suing about the recent immigration order. Maine was one of them, which is almost unbelievable.

What does it mean to us, particularly when our Hispanic population is 1.4 percent, or less than 14,000, according to your paper.

I know the issue is not the numbers, but the president’s executive order as a stretch of his power. A number of legal experts have doubts as to the lawsuit proving its case. That is not the problem, but under what authority was this done and what is it going to cost? The new treasurer of Maine, Terry Hayes, said she is going to have an open book, so let’s go for it.

Even more distressing is the fact that Maine was the only New England state to participate. We are in step with Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. Even the governor’s spiritual leader, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, did not participate.

I know the governor does not like President Barack Obama, according to past comments, but Obama holds the cards and he can help us, so the governor should work with him. Those strong tea party states cannot do much for us, but they can stroke a person’s ego to make him feel more important in national politics then he really is.

Another thing that is not positive: The median age of people in Maine is the highest in the country, at 44 years old, while the national median age is 37. Not helping anything is our declining birth rate.

Finally, Paul LePage did not win the election; Mike Michaud lost because of inept political advisers. It was a poorly managed campaign. The paper wouldn’t print what I might like to say about Cutler.

Thomas J. Brazier


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