My wife, Kathy, and I would like to thank all my classmates of in the class of 1968 for helping us out when I got scammed out of $1,500. They all came together and helped, as did the Morning Sentinel when it wrote about our story, “Scammers defraud disabled Oakland man of $1,500,” Oct. 16. We also want to thanks those people we don’t know who helped.

We hope that everyone who reads this article will take heed and never, never give out their credit card number to anyone. Call the Attorney General’s Office first to see if this is a scam. They are very helpful.

This was a bad experience that God turned into a wonderful experience, just by feeling all the love and concern. There are still loving, caring and helping people out there. We hope we can do the same for someone else. We pray that God blesses you all, greatly. Thanks again, “Class of ’68.”

Edwin H. Brown


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