We now live in a country that when our sons and daughters go off to war in some far of land to fight, die or be crippled for life, our president will pull troops out after victory has been won, ensuring defeat. All those lives destroyed and limbs lost forever.

What for? Some political game to fill a campaign promise. I would never want my child or grandson to serve after this.

We now live in a country that when CIA agents are asked to do their duty by a former president, the president puts their lives in danger as they’re made out to be some kind of animals.

Was it really necessary? These people did their duty as asked by our government. Now this president has endangered their lives and families lives. These best and brightest men and women will no longer want to serve the nation, and who can blame them?

We also now live in a country where if a white police officer uses his weapon in self-defense against a black man and is cleared by a grand jury of all charges, the president and the nation’s attorney general will say he must be a racist.

How in the world did we get the point where the voters put such a man in the highest office in the land?

John Hopkins


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