Freedom is such a precious word in our wonderful United States of America. But it is being abused by more and more people and companies.

I recently received a letter from the insurance company for my medication. It said that unless I changed the pharmacy where I’ve been getting my medications for years, it would not continue to insure me starting Jan. 1. The choices it gave me to get medication were “CVS, Safeway, Walmart, and others.”

For years, I have gotten my medication at a small, local drug store. It is very well stocked and always has what I need with no problem. Years ago, I did a survey at different stores (big and small) of the prices of all the medication that I take, and the local drug store was the best for me.

My heart goes out to the small, hometown drug stores that will be squeezed out of business with this unfair practice against freedom of choice.

Telling me where I must buy my medicine takes away a freedom that I hold dear. It is not right or just . I urge others who have had a similar problem with an insurance company to speak up, don’t sit idly by — for freedom’s sake!

Dag Hammarskjold, secretary-general of the United Nations from 1953 until 1961, said, “Never ‘for the sake of peace and quiet’ deny your experience or convictions.”

Marilyn Rogers-Bull, Solon

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