An 89-year-old homeless man, accused of refusing to remove a camper from Walmart property in Palmyra, will be in court Wednesday on a charge that he skipped a court appearance one month ago in connection with the incident.

Ramon Roderick Rodriguez, who first caught the attention of Skowhegan police in 2006 and again in August 2010 for a messy camp on Coburn Avenue, was arrested Monday on the failure to appear charge, a misdemeanor. He remains held on $200 cash bail at the Somerset County Jail in East Madison pending a 10 a.m. hearing Wednesday in district court in Skowhegan.

He faces fines and fees if he is convicted. Police have said Rodriguez has income from a pension.

Rodriguez, well known to central Maine law enforcement for his messy campsites, his aggressive Rottweiler and his crusty appearance and attitude, was arrested by Maine State Police Oct. 24 after he refused to remove a camper from the property of the Walmart store in Palmyra.

He was released Oct. 29 on personal recognizance and a promise to show up in court Nov. 26 to face a charge of criminal trespass. He did not show up and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to the complaint filed in court, Rodriguez remained at Walmart in defiance of an order to leave by the store manager. A state police affidavit notes that Rodriguez was living in the camper and was bothering female employees. In the affidavit, Trooper John York said he identified Rodriguez from “past altercations with him.”

Rodriguez has been moved by police from town to town as people offer to help him, but then change their minds after being insulted and harangued by him, according to published reports. He paid a fine “under duress,” Rodriguez wrote in court papers for a similar incident in Caratunk in 2011.

Rodriguez, in a written document, said that his rights under the U.S. Constitution were violated in Caratunk because he was not given ample time to get a lawyer and was not offered a jury trial.

“How could you do this to homeless honest dogs like us,” he wrote in the document, which was typed in all capital letters. “You mistake us.” The letter is signed “Rod and Butchie,” his Rottweiler.

Skowhegan residents in 2010 said they remember Rodriguez from 2006, when he set up a blanket camp behind Empire Grill off Water Street. At that time Rodriguez had a Great Dane with him. In 2010 he had the Rottweiler, Butchie, who recently died.

Before Skowhegan, he crossed paths with police in Farmington, Waterville, Madison and in Oxford County, according to published reports. Residents complained about his sudden outbursts and said he often appeared confrontational.

“He’s a difficult person,” Skowhegan Police Chief Ted Blais said Tuesday. “He came back to town a month ago.”

Blais noted that Rodriguez was featured on the reality TV show “North Woods Law” when he was camped near Temple Stream in Farmington, where Blais was director of public safety for the University of Maine.

“He just made a huge mess and had trash everywhere,” Blais said.

Most recently, Rodriguez had a camper near the boat landing on the Kennebec River in Skowhegan after being “shuffled around a few times,” Blais said. He said police Officer Herbert Oliver has tried to help Rodriguez get settled somewhere, but each time Rodriguez finds a way to anger the person who offered to help, including someone who recently had an apartment for him in Waterville.

Eventually Rodriguez ended up with his camper at the Palmyra Walmart, where he refused to leave and was arrested.

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