AUGUSTA — Correct Care Solutions Regional Vice President Dr. John Newby learned about Maine Family Violence Project’s Christmas wish list, and he spread the news among CCS personnel working in Maine’s State correctional facilities and the CCS regional office, according to a news release from the Maine Department of Corrections. CCS provides health care services to Maine Department of Corrections prisoners and residents. FVP offers help to people experiencing abuse and violence in families and relationships.

The response from CCS personnel, according to both Dr. Newby and FVP Advocate Nikki Currier was “overwhelming.” Told she could pick up the Christmas gifts at CCS’s regional office Christmas party Thursday, Dec. 18, Currier found her Ford Fusion was not up to the task. Instead, CCS filled a U-Haul van with the Christmas gifts and used it to transport them all to FVP.

“This is all so overwhelming,” Currier told the CCS group. Dr. Newby said to Currier, “What you’re doing is really a special calling.”

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