A headline for a story on a major network’s morning program was: “Massive March.” Turns out it was a two-minute story about 10,000 people in our nation’s capital marching to protest police violence against minorities.

What struck my wife and I was not the content of this particular story, but the labeling of it as a massive march. I don’t consider 10,000 people massive.

What about the annual March for Life, which annually brings to Washington, D.C., up to half a million people of every creed, and even no creed at all, together in solidarity to speak for the unborn? Surely that also has been reported as a “Massive March.”

Wait. You’ve never heard of the March for Life?

Well, I can’t say that I blame you, because I’ve never seen a story about it, either — not in this paper and not on network TV. It seems the reporters aren’t in Washington on Jan. 22 every year.

At least I hope that is the reason, because, whatever your beliefs, it is quite a story when hundreds of thousands of people travel to a single spot for any reason. Why the media silence around this particular event? Maybe they don’t want to bring attention to it.

But why not? If the protesters are wrong about their claim that the 55 million abortions since 1973 should not have been condoned and promoted under law, then let the people decide, or even write a story condemning the protest, but the cold shoulder? That is hardly going to win any converts.

The next March for Life will be on Thursday, Jan. 22, on the 41st anniversary of the famous Roe v. Wade decision. Look for it in this paper the next day. I hope you find something, anything.

Matthew Howard


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