It was no surprise that the newspaper’s resident defender of conservatism, M.D. Harmon, would spring to the defense of the CIA and the administration that authorized torture of our enemies (“Information is vital currency in our war against global jihadism,” Dec. 13).

“I was just following orders” has been used by many in attempts to justify their actions. Does the brutality of our enemies give us license to be brutal?

Dick Cheney has been offered a forum to defend these travesties on Fox “News,” the only network that invites people that many accuse of being war criminals to appear on its broadcasts. Several former CIA directors also have spoken in defense of their actions. These men all recognize that the Senate report brings them one step closer to the day they will be delivered to the World Court for justice. Progressives will be proud of our American values when that day comes.

I will side with John McCain, who knows something about torture, in believing that it yields little usable information.

It was a surprise to me that Joseph Reisert, a columnist who often writes interesting, well-reasoned pieces, would jump on this sinking ship (“Blatantly partisan tenor ensures CIA report serves no good purpose,” Dec. 12).

The report presents the facts. That was the committee’s purpose. Recommendations for changes are now being discussed by private citizens as well as members of Congress. Thankfully, a president with moral convictions has already changed many policies.

Does Reisert really think this report will further provoke our enemies? How do we further provoke people who already hate us 100 percent? The report was partisan only because Republican committee members did not have the spines to participate in releasing the truth about their fellow conservatives. But the truth will out. And it now has.

Paul W. Dutram


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