Is it really a sad, dangerous and evil world out there? Or does it just seem that way because I read the Kennebec Journal every day?

I am inspired to write this letter because on Christmas Eve, the newspaper ran a large picture of a rapist on its front page. On page B6, you featured a story about great heroism: a man who was receiving an award because he risked his life and saved three men from a burning car.

Something is wrong here.

Focusing on hideous crimes; the molesters and murderers and thieves, make readers feel like that’s all there is in the world. You would be doing the community a huge favor if you would feature stories about good people and good events, especially on the front page, and make those stories the opening to our day. Think of the changes in how people feel and see their world; imagine how they might even spread that joy when they go out in the world.

Could the KJ actually change this community by focusing on the wonderful things that happen and the wonderful people who live here in central Maine?

I challenge the KJ to start with one positive and even heartwarming story on the front page every day. And please place the pictures of disgusting murderers and rapists somewhere near the back of the paper, anywhere but the front page, instead of giving them recognition.

Sure I know they say that killings, rape and other tragic events sell newspapers, but I don’t believe it. I am getting to the point where I don’t even want to read my local newspaper. It has truly become unhealthy. Please balance the bad with the good. I know there is more good than bad, because I live in Wayne.

Cathy Cook


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