Unbelievable: $1.5 million of our tax dollars and nine months to build a roundabout to correct a problem created by the Maine Turnpike Authority. The MTA created this disaster of an intersection, which has the highest accident rate for its amount of traffic in Maine.

Why should federal tax dollars be used to correct the problem? MTA receives all of the revenue from the plaza. Why shouldn’t it be required to fix the problem?

Surely, when our Congress is considering an $.11 per gallon gas tax increase, that money could be better used elsewhere.

The roundabout will do nothing for the drivers of cars who now do not obey the stop signs and/or yield after stopping or slow down at the intersection. A much less expensive and better solution would be speed bumps on all non-through lanes, prominent enough to cause damage to those who break the law.

And, the MTA should pay 100 percent of the cost of whatever is done. It wouldn’t take nine months to build and would be more effective. Direct access from I-95 northbound and I-295 southbound to the plaza would alleviate a goodly amount of cross traffic, too.

Most important though is the funding — don’t use our tax dollars.

Cal Brown


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